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The Room @Stockholm - Unleashing our power to innovate, create and perform! (1)

Join the global movement of ever stronger human connection and activate the power to achieve anything you want. This is a chance to feel the power of real human connection in the virtual space and learn about the new method that unleashes the potential to innovate, create and perform in any team.

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The Room @Stockholm - Unleashing our power to innovate, create and perform! (1)

Tid & Plats

13 maj 2020 17:00 – 18:30 CEST



The operational logic of companies must adapt to the complexity of the digitalized world and most leaders realize that the capabilities of their organizations are insufficient to master current and future challenges. They lack the creativity, agility, resilience and executional power needed to survive and thrive in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. The question that arises is what you as a leader can do to move your organization from your current state – a state that you know won’t bring the level of success needed – to a desired future state that will deliver all that you want and more?

The answer as in The Room. There we move far beyond the current one-dimensional manager-employee relationship into a world of joint corporate governance across all hierarchy levels and company boundaries. The capabilities needed to successfully complete this transformation rely directly on the levels of cooperation and the quality of interaction in The Room, and ultimately in your organization. Only when the levels of cooperation and the quality of interaction are at the highest levels across organizational boundaries the collective human potential of your organization will be unleashed to serve your common purpose.

The collective identity and purpose of your organization is the most important sources for individuals and teams to be at their best and do their utmost for the good of the organization. Instituting a routine that continuously connects every single individual and team to the collective identity and purpose activates the highest levels of cooperation and quality of interaction. This in turn sets free capabilities like speed, flexibility, proactivity and continuous learning and embeds the absolute will to excel into the deepest fabric of who you are. In The Room you will be invited to take part in this routine and experience the effects in real time, effects that can be repeated in any context or setting, regardless of situation, culture and language.

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